"Unlocking The Health Mysteries Of The Most Advanced Machine On Earth Requires Tru-Insights."

who we are

Founded in August 2014, Banta Medical Services is a medical predictive analytics company that is revolutionizing healthcare and wellness insights around the world. 
Banta Medical Services cutting-edge solutions are pushing integrated healthcare environments to a higher level. Driven by a high-octane team, Banta's team comprises of MDs /DVMs, Ph.D.’s, Data Scientists, Technology Development & Integration Specialists, Statisticians, Big Data Solution Architects and Engineers solving today’s’ biggest challenges in healthcare operations and risk mitigation.
Discover how Banta's Tru-Insights are transforming industries with smarter ways to do business, new growth opportunities and strategies to always enhance the quality of life for humanity.

always insightful.

always tru-insights.

Learn more about the truly amazing abilities of Tru-Insights, the most comprehensive human analytics and real-time, continuous monitoring platform available today.
Tru-Insights platform combined with our "every-wear" is a complete end-to-end solution that offers the most advanced body-worn sensors in the industry, allowing for precise and continuous monitoring.
Preemption and Prevention are finally together in the most robust and intuitive system.
*Not FDA-Cleared [Emergency Use Authorization Submitted on April 2020].

Caution - Investigational Device, Limited by Federal Law to Investigational Use.


 the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Pandemic

Learn more about our turn-key approach to providing clients with access to COVID antibodies testing,  personal protective equipment (PPE)—including surgical masks, face shields, respirators, gowns and gloves.
We now offer protective partition screens for businesses of all sizes.
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beyond the technology

Tru-Insights is not reinventing the wheel. It’s applying what healthcare providers have been doing on a larger scale. What’s unique, is that now we have the ability to better measure, aggregate, and make sense of previously hard-to-obtain or non-existent medical data.
Banta, together with IBM Watson, are now combining these new data-sets with the existing sciences of human physiology and clinical medicine, to accelerate progress in understanding the relationships between known & unknown factors of human biology—ultimately resulting in enhanced road-mapping of clinical pathways and truly individualized care. 
*Not FDA-Cleared [Emergency Use Authorization Submitted]. Caution - Investigational Device, Limited by Federal Law to Investigational Use.

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